Wine bar

Delicious, refreshing and sparkling - it is never easy to choose from our wine list. Because all of our wines are tasty and of high-quality. We have wines for every occasion and every part of the day. Every wine connoisseur, as well as those who just started exploring, will find something for themselves in our wine bar. Our professionally trained staff will gladly help you to choose. We believe that in our wine bar everybody finds a wine the taste of which pleases their senses. Our wine selection is well balanced and varied based on the feedback of our customers.

Sommelier is part of the wine shop. His main job is to serve all the beverages which means that he not only knows everything about wine but also about spirits, mixed drinks, beer, coffee, tea, mineral beverages, table water and he even serves cigars. He is also responsible for the compilation of our wine list, selection, purchasing and proper storage of all beverages and cigars. Continuous gaining of specialised knowledge and monitoring of the latest trends in the field of wine-making guarantees that we do not miss anything new in the world of wine.

Our wine selection comprises on average 15 quality varieties not only from Europe but also from Slovakia. Popular wine producers include for example Schäwer Pfalz, Pauillac, Elesko, Villa Antinori and others. Besides traditional wine, we also offer barrique wine maturing in oak barrels. Sparkling wine and champagne are also included in our selection.


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